Life has its up's and down's but most of the time I am very happy with it . surrounded by my growing family and wonderful friends whats not to like .

Monday, August 30, 2010

A happy sad kind of day

today was a special sort of day , My Mummy married her long term boyfriend .

also a bit sad as my new step daddy ( ohhh thats different ) is suffering with advanced cancer and the wedding had to take place in the oncology hospital .

we only knew it was happening at the end of last week so no time to get too worried about the organising of it

The hospital did all the food and cake , even supplied some alcohol free wine which was lovely of them and they did a lovely job of it .

Now I was sat here last night thinking about today and suddenly realized they had no favours ( not that it would have been the end of the world but I felt I needed to do some) so after a quick trip to tesco to buy favour boxes I put some together.

thank heavens I'm a scrapper -just how do people manage without overflowing bags of ribbon and boxes of stamps ???

anyhow heres what I came up with  , quiet simple but given the were done in just a couple of hours I am happy with them ( just ignore the ones with slightly smudgy stamps - i am sure had i decided to stamp them before assembling them and adding the ribbon it would have been much easier !LOL )

Friday, August 27, 2010

taking a moment to remember a very good man

It has been a difficult time in this family lately , My oh so wonderful grandfather passed away on the 18th July , the day after my 36th birthday  - I feel like an incredibly lucky girl to have had my grandfather as a part of my life for so long but at the same time so incredibly sad that I will never again see his smile or make him proud . 

Sidney Graham Beaton
1929 -2010

He was a man who met his wife in his early teens and stayed with her for the rest of his life ,they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just last year , he finally managed to buy his wife a diamond ring which made him very proud .

 He was the man who signed a piece of paper to say that the first ever concordes electric systems were safe and had a passion for concord that lasted all of his life.

He never lost his temper and I only recal him ever rasing his voice once and that was out of fear for my safety .He was a devoted father and Grandfather and would do anything for those he loved.

He was the kindest, gentlest and most honest man I have ever met and I feel very honoured to have been loved by him and to have loved him back , He was the man who taught me what a good man should be but I fear the mould was broken after he was made

RIP Sidney Beaton  - we will always love you

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ooohhhh there's an app for this

Oh am I a happy bunny now , I can blog from my phone so expect posts to be slightly more frequent than they have been recently .

Righty as this is supposed to be a craft blog let's share something crafty , my nan asked if I could make a card for my aunts 25th wedding anniversary and this is what I came up with

The pear chipboard was inspired as nan and grandad had given them fruit trees ( including a pear tree) as a gift .

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

and finally the decorating is done ....

.... in fact the decoarting finished a while ago , its been an error ordering wardrobes that cause a crafting hold up .

I ordered some lovely Pax wardrobes from ikea however on arrival ( after I had dismantled my desk to make room for the boxes ) we found that they were 7cm's too tall for the room !   I could have cried  but set about finding someone to alter them and just a short 8 weeks later !!!!!  i finally have wardrobes and my desk reassembled :) though i am still lacking doors on some of the wardrobes until i brave ikeas return department .

so with that done I am booked into the modscraps crop this saturday and I will be going  - I'm not sure what I will be doing there yet as I am not totally sure I have the concentration for scrapping as my wonderful and special grandfather is in the last days/ weeks of life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

still no scrapping

but i have a lovely tidy desk  .... the decorating is set to continue and my bedroom ( where my desk is is next) so without complaining much I have packed away nearly all of my supplies luckily i have the card making workshop to look forward to on saturday to get a crafting fix .  Unfortunatly since packing away i have been attacked my a fit of indesision so the decorating is delayed while i decide ... and with these for inspiration I think it will take a while

Right now I know I like this wallpaper but that could change tomorrow
In the meantime I will be working on my crochet . I'm about 1/8 of the way through a blanket to go on finns bed and its been on hold for a few months now .

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

not much scrapping going on

Because I have just been too busy decorating my boys bedroom .  and boy what a job that was  - with them having an age gap of 10 years finding someting to keep them both happy was never going to be easy but luckily Mitch is laid back and as long as the room contains his xbox 360 and a tv he's happy .

so what do two boys decide on between them  - RED !!!   to say that the thought of painting the room red was scary is a bit of an understatement  - and actrually doing it made me about as nervous as looking off a bridge ( and i avoid that with a passion)

but  its done  , and it looks like this 

The boys are over the moon with it , and I am pretty happy too :)

But alas no scrapping has been done while its been a work in progress  so for a little scappy interlude why not head over to the modscraps Blog where Ellie has started a monthly sketch challenge - its definatly going to be the first thing on my list when I find my desk

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a little sketch for you

I warned you a while back that i was working on a sketch for you to use and finally it is ready for you :)

so here it is ( the photos should be all the same size but i am lacking tools to make it right on the laptop )

for inspiration here is my take on the sketch  - or rather the LO that inspired the sketch:) 

I'd love to see what you come up with so please comment and leave me a link

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Challenging Challenge

Oh what to do what to do , As a warm up to a card making workshop I am attending in april a challenge has been set  - that is to make a card using just black and white .  I think I may have to spend a while raiding my stash for applicable stash .

If your interested the workshop is on Saturday 24th April at Olveston Primary School near Bristol It costs £25, all the supplies except adhesive and basic tools are supplied and you will make 15 cards .

The modscraps shop will be there for all your stash shopping needs , refreshments are provided ( but you need to take your own lunch) and there will even be time to crop or do more cardmaking afterwards if you fancy it .

if your interested in joining us  then contact Lynne aka beadmad on UKS or leave me a message here and i will pass it on.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just for today , Be Happy.

Following a promise made at saturdays crop I was suprised ( because my memory sucks and I had forgotten the said promise) to recieve a handwritten envelope through the post ( so much nicer than the printed ones don't you  think ?)  and in it was this

A wonderful AC  "S " that my layout was missing , which promtly (within 10 minutes of arrival ) got attached to its LO which (now) looks like this (thankyou Giselle)

And I then scraplifted my own design for my Gift album for my lovely surrogate son and his parents  - something which I may do a bit more off.     See I am currently working on two gift album's one for my surro sons and one for my lovely surrogate daughter  - well more for her parents and it needs to be finished for her birthday in june ! so by scraplifting my own LO's it will make the whole thing much easier and will leave me time to work on my own album :)  anyway this is the outcome  - Max's daddy has a huge obsession with watches so these pictures of max taking a liking to daddys watch as a baby were so easy to scrap .  watch this space for a similar ( but slightly pinker) lo for the other album :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Keeping my new years resolution

It was modscraps crop day again yesterday and of course I am keeping my new years resolution so went along .

despite a lot of the regular attendies being otherwise occupied this month was still a very busy crop.  I luckily had some great cropping companions and managed to complete 4 whole LO's . 2 for me and 2 for Max's album .  

I did a little bit of stash shopping which went straight to DH on my arrival home as I know the kids won't know what to get me for mothers day - I bought some cozmo cricket tiny type alphas  which i am totally in love with and definatly need to get more . I also bought a few sheets of  cosmo cricket material girl range  and a few from the garden view range too - just have to be really patient and wait until next weeeknd before I can play with them .

and talking of next weekend can I tell you how very excited I am that its the first F1 race of the season next weekend :)

so back to craft issues and today I carried on creating  starting with a couple of mothersday cards  and a couple of birthday cards  - one of which is above , and followed swiftly by 2 LO's .

I just want to finish by saying watch this space as I am working on a sketch challenge for you :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And The winner is ....

Glen  - Congratulations , I just loved your title idea  can you email your adddress to and I'll get your prize on the way to you .

Charity Cropping

Yesterday was the day I had been preparing for , The day of the Charity crop at Olveston  - its a long one starting at 9am and finishing at midnight for those die hards that can make it to the end - I'm not one of them .

It was a fantastic day , lots of laughter and plenty of scrapping , and of course we had our lovely local shop owner Ellie from modscraps on hand for our shopping needs:) 
so without further ado I will share a few on yesterday LO's with you  - I actually managed to complete 10  and had another half finished  - I'm pleased with that  ( and WoooooHoooo I found my camera charger )

Firstly I'll share the LO I did with the Challenge kit supplied by ellie at modscraps- It was just perfect for these photos  and it made me use Felt a first for me but I just love the way my little bear turned out .  
As expected though the standard of work in the challenge was very high and  someone else was a worthy winner .
This is a LO about my Nans ability to make amazing cakes  - papers are from the scrapagogo January kit  and are basic grey nook and pantry and Graphic 45. Thios was a case of I like those papers  - now what photo can I use

This is the result of a class tought by the wonderful Gisele  - I was a bit naughty and used a landscape photo instead of portrait but I am happy with the outcome  - Its a fantastic way to use up some of those inevitable scraps we all seem to end up with  - and if you don't have scraps the front cover of a basic grey collection pack is just perfect for it too.

The second class of the day was taught by the lovely Jayne using the kit she put together   - I haven't decided on a title for this one yet , or done a bit of stiching ( i was all stiched out afetr that challenge LO) I  just love these papers and can;t wait to do someting with the leftover bits.  We did seem to turn into teenage girls and have a giggle when cutting out the birdys Legs But the less said about the the better really LOL

I think that will do for today I might share some more tomorrow  - or even share my shop purchases with you .

Friday, February 12, 2010

All ready ..... I think ,

I think I am ready for tomorrows crop , have some page kits kind of made up  - I like to make sure I know what patterned papers and cardstock I am going to use and make sure i have a suitable alpha or two  , Lunch is ready ( I just need to remeber to get it out of the fridge) , have some cash in my purse ( Just can't pass up a chance to shop for stash), and most importantly of all I have chocolate !

i am still hunting the missing battery charger  - sometime i wish i had a camera that took AA's.

thanks for the title sugestions , keep them coming  I have a lovely piece of Riff Raff Designs chipboard for my favorite

Thursday, February 11, 2010

well Its been a while and to be honest there is no reason for it , I am just a bad blogger Sorry .

well its that time of year when all things start to gear up for a local charity crop - this will be my first one . It's usually booked up the year before for the next but I was lucky to get a cancelation :) Its a long one - starts at 9am and goes on until midnight . I am sure you can imagine the amount of planning that goes into scrapping for 15 Hours !

I was going to share a photo of the mountian of prints that arrived today from photobox in prepration but my camera battery is flat and the charger seems to have grown legs ! - so instead i will share with you a pic that I plan to scrap on Saturday , its of my beautifull surrobabe Max when he was much smaller than he is now - what a cutie.

I am stuck for a title so If you have any ideas for there may be a prize in it for you . spread the word