Life has its up's and down's but most of the time I am very happy with it . surrounded by my growing family and wonderful friends whats not to like .

Monday, August 30, 2010

A happy sad kind of day

today was a special sort of day , My Mummy married her long term boyfriend .

also a bit sad as my new step daddy ( ohhh thats different ) is suffering with advanced cancer and the wedding had to take place in the oncology hospital .

we only knew it was happening at the end of last week so no time to get too worried about the organising of it

The hospital did all the food and cake , even supplied some alcohol free wine which was lovely of them and they did a lovely job of it .

Now I was sat here last night thinking about today and suddenly realized they had no favours ( not that it would have been the end of the world but I felt I needed to do some) so after a quick trip to tesco to buy favour boxes I put some together.

thank heavens I'm a scrapper -just how do people manage without overflowing bags of ribbon and boxes of stamps ???

anyhow heres what I came up with  , quiet simple but given the were done in just a couple of hours I am happy with them ( just ignore the ones with slightly smudgy stamps - i am sure had i decided to stamp them before assembling them and adding the ribbon it would have been much easier !LOL )

Friday, August 27, 2010

taking a moment to remember a very good man

It has been a difficult time in this family lately , My oh so wonderful grandfather passed away on the 18th July , the day after my 36th birthday  - I feel like an incredibly lucky girl to have had my grandfather as a part of my life for so long but at the same time so incredibly sad that I will never again see his smile or make him proud . 

Sidney Graham Beaton
1929 -2010

He was a man who met his wife in his early teens and stayed with her for the rest of his life ,they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just last year , he finally managed to buy his wife a diamond ring which made him very proud .

 He was the man who signed a piece of paper to say that the first ever concordes electric systems were safe and had a passion for concord that lasted all of his life.

He never lost his temper and I only recal him ever rasing his voice once and that was out of fear for my safety .He was a devoted father and Grandfather and would do anything for those he loved.

He was the kindest, gentlest and most honest man I have ever met and I feel very honoured to have been loved by him and to have loved him back , He was the man who taught me what a good man should be but I fear the mould was broken after he was made

RIP Sidney Beaton  - we will always love you

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ooohhhh there's an app for this

Oh am I a happy bunny now , I can blog from my phone so expect posts to be slightly more frequent than they have been recently .

Righty as this is supposed to be a craft blog let's share something crafty , my nan asked if I could make a card for my aunts 25th wedding anniversary and this is what I came up with

The pear chipboard was inspired as nan and grandad had given them fruit trees ( including a pear tree) as a gift .

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