Life has its up's and down's but most of the time I am very happy with it . surrounded by my growing family and wonderful friends whats not to like .

Thursday, February 11, 2010

well Its been a while and to be honest there is no reason for it , I am just a bad blogger Sorry .

well its that time of year when all things start to gear up for a local charity crop - this will be my first one . It's usually booked up the year before for the next but I was lucky to get a cancelation :) Its a long one - starts at 9am and goes on until midnight . I am sure you can imagine the amount of planning that goes into scrapping for 15 Hours !

I was going to share a photo of the mountian of prints that arrived today from photobox in prepration but my camera battery is flat and the charger seems to have grown legs ! - so instead i will share with you a pic that I plan to scrap on Saturday , its of my beautifull surrobabe Max when he was much smaller than he is now - what a cutie.

I am stuck for a title so If you have any ideas for there may be a prize in it for you . spread the word


  1. super cute photo...that will be a fabulous page i bet!

  2. Welcome back to the world of blogging Jane. I love the photo of your little man. I put to you the title of 'Max-imum Wrapper'. I'm looking forward to seeing your layout. TFS. ~Glen~

  3. Such a cute photo. Looking forweard to seeing the LO sorry I am C**p at coming up with titles lol

  4. Gorgeous photo but I cannot think of a title! He looks like a little Bhuddist monk though with that serious expression and the orange blanket!

  5. 'Wrapped with love' ....... great photo, cutie!