Life has its up's and down's but most of the time I am very happy with it . surrounded by my growing family and wonderful friends whats not to like .

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scrap free zone

NO I haven't done any scrapping ... I've been far to busy loosing the will to live !

I swear I am losing my mind , after several incidents that have had my kids rolling on the floor in laughter (for example commenting to my daughter that the saucepan full of soup will fit back in the fridge easier when she's had some !) I have developed this weird obsession with - of all things - housework !!!!

its truly bizarre - given the opportunity to scrap or do housework ( usually there is no question over which i would choose - I am a scrapper ) I have chosen to clean the top of my kitchen cupboards and do ironing somebody help - there must be a pill for this kind of illness .

Monday, September 28, 2009

well we had a lovely weekend in the new forest visiting our friends , we ha d atrip to the beach on saturday followed by a chocolate fondue and fire under the pergola on the evening.

Sunday was mainly spend playing mario karts or watching the singapore GP before we headed home

- I think you can tell finn enjoyed it

I just want to share this LO with you, It was done for The scrapagogo academy - the lesson was to scrap spmething you had learnt recently and for DH and I it was most definatly that life can be much more fun if you take a few chances , stop worrying about what other people think and just live .
I did LOTs of distressing on this one which i don;t normally do , lots of sanding and inking, even managed to do some stitching which I am really pleased with
so until tomorrow

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is going to a be a pretty craft free post today so to make up for it I'll share this LO I did last month - really didn't think i was going to use this paper but it turned out to be perfect for this LO about the gifts I was given after my first surrogacy.
now onto the boring stuff

I have had a lovely day today It started with the arrival of a parcel that i missed yesterday , unfortunately not scrapping goodies but the next best thing - a Christmas present for Finn, I took it onto myself to order him some army men and assorted other goodies to go with them so you can imagine how thrilled I am that since I ordered then he has started asking for them .

then this afternoon I had my nephew round to play - despite having seen him several times since his birthday in June he still hadn't had his birthday present so that was first on the agenda- after 3 birthdays hes getting a pro at the paper removal!

and from the look on his face he was pretty happy with the contents ( who's a clever Auntie Jane)

so the subject of presents having been raised he decided he would sit down with the toys r us brochure and tell me what he wanted for christmas - cheeky little blighter !

now huge apologise for this photo - Its the right way up on my PC and this is the 4th time I've uploaded it - It seems blogger just prefers it upside down.

and this evening I went out for a little glass of something with a good friend of mine - as the bar was full of good looking bloke type things I refrained for looking like a loony and getting the camera out :). It was good to catch up and have a natter , we don;t do it anywhere near often enough these days and she is great at helping me get my head around certain issues that are troubling me atm.

all in all a good but craft free day .

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not quiet what I had in mind

I am sure you have all had those occasions where something just doesn't go according to plan ... I did last night . I sat down in front of the tv with hubby ( who was happy to have my company instead of me hiding away upstairs ) and set about doodling my design for the happy ever after class that I was lucky to participate in on Saturday at the scrapagogo storyteller event.

I got the first page done and was really happy with it ... it looked like this

Only when I turned the page did I realize my mistake - the lovely black sharpie that was using had gone thorough to the next page leaving me this to deal with .

So the next page had to incorporate embies to hide the offending marks which I suppose still looks OK

except I then had to go on and add embies to the rest of the pages in the book so that one page didn't look out of place and you know what I don't like it enough to even take photos of it .
so the lesson for today is if your gonna doodle in a book make sure the pen doesn't go through the paper before you start .

Monday, September 21, 2009

And about time too ...

It sometimes feels as though I am the last scrapbooker without a blog ..... Its time for that to change so here I am . Of course the very important first job was to pretty it up a bit .... what do you think will it do for now ?

Second and next job is to share some LO's with you I guess ,

so without any further ado here is one made using the september scrapagogo kit . I was a bit unsure at first how I was going to use it as pretty as the butterflys are they aren't my usual choice of embie but before long I came up with this

Followed swiflty while inspiration stuck by this one ,

and lastly for today This one , It is for the september gogo academy - the subject was to scrap something you learnt from your childhood , this was an easy one for me but not something I ever thought I would scrap but I am glad that I have becuase its a big part of who I am today.

So there you go My first scrapbook blag post Hope you like it .