Life has its up's and down's but most of the time I am very happy with it . surrounded by my growing family and wonderful friends whats not to like .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is going to a be a pretty craft free post today so to make up for it I'll share this LO I did last month - really didn't think i was going to use this paper but it turned out to be perfect for this LO about the gifts I was given after my first surrogacy.
now onto the boring stuff

I have had a lovely day today It started with the arrival of a parcel that i missed yesterday , unfortunately not scrapping goodies but the next best thing - a Christmas present for Finn, I took it onto myself to order him some army men and assorted other goodies to go with them so you can imagine how thrilled I am that since I ordered then he has started asking for them .

then this afternoon I had my nephew round to play - despite having seen him several times since his birthday in June he still hadn't had his birthday present so that was first on the agenda- after 3 birthdays hes getting a pro at the paper removal!

and from the look on his face he was pretty happy with the contents ( who's a clever Auntie Jane)

so the subject of presents having been raised he decided he would sit down with the toys r us brochure and tell me what he wanted for christmas - cheeky little blighter !

now huge apologise for this photo - Its the right way up on my PC and this is the 4th time I've uploaded it - It seems blogger just prefers it upside down.

and this evening I went out for a little glass of something with a good friend of mine - as the bar was full of good looking bloke type things I refrained for looking like a loony and getting the camera out :). It was good to catch up and have a natter , we don;t do it anywhere near often enough these days and she is great at helping me get my head around certain issues that are troubling me atm.

all in all a good but craft free day .

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