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Thursday, July 08, 2010

and finally the decorating is done ....

.... in fact the decoarting finished a while ago , its been an error ordering wardrobes that cause a crafting hold up .

I ordered some lovely Pax wardrobes from ikea however on arrival ( after I had dismantled my desk to make room for the boxes ) we found that they were 7cm's too tall for the room !   I could have cried  but set about finding someone to alter them and just a short 8 weeks later !!!!!  i finally have wardrobes and my desk reassembled :) though i am still lacking doors on some of the wardrobes until i brave ikeas return department .

so with that done I am booked into the modscraps crop this saturday and I will be going  - I'm not sure what I will be doing there yet as I am not totally sure I have the concentration for scrapping as my wonderful and special grandfather is in the last days/ weeks of life.

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