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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not quiet what I had in mind

I am sure you have all had those occasions where something just doesn't go according to plan ... I did last night . I sat down in front of the tv with hubby ( who was happy to have my company instead of me hiding away upstairs ) and set about doodling my design for the happy ever after class that I was lucky to participate in on Saturday at the scrapagogo storyteller event.

I got the first page done and was really happy with it ... it looked like this

Only when I turned the page did I realize my mistake - the lovely black sharpie that was using had gone thorough to the next page leaving me this to deal with .

So the next page had to incorporate embies to hide the offending marks which I suppose still looks OK

except I then had to go on and add embies to the rest of the pages in the book so that one page didn't look out of place and you know what I don't like it enough to even take photos of it .
so the lesson for today is if your gonna doodle in a book make sure the pen doesn't go through the paper before you start .

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  1. aww they look great, sure the rest does too x