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Monday, September 21, 2009

And about time too ...

It sometimes feels as though I am the last scrapbooker without a blog ..... Its time for that to change so here I am . Of course the very important first job was to pretty it up a bit .... what do you think will it do for now ?

Second and next job is to share some LO's with you I guess ,

so without any further ado here is one made using the september scrapagogo kit . I was a bit unsure at first how I was going to use it as pretty as the butterflys are they aren't my usual choice of embie but before long I came up with this

Followed swiflty while inspiration stuck by this one ,

and lastly for today This one , It is for the september gogo academy - the subject was to scrap something you learnt from your childhood , this was an easy one for me but not something I ever thought I would scrap but I am glad that I have becuase its a big part of who I am today.

So there you go My first scrapbook blag post Hope you like it .


  1. Allycat5:04 pm

    Looks good Jane - the pic on the blog looks so different from the one on UKS.

    Love the LO's too!

  2. Fabby LOs Jane! Was great to meet you on Saturday :)

  3. Cool LO's Jane , well done for getting your blog up and running xx

  4. Nice LO's Jane, and welcome to blog land!!!

  5. fab blog and wonderful lo's.